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Waiter Jackets Return to BH

The Belmont Hill family-style sit-down lunch is an iconic part of Belmont Hill life. Many students feel sit-down lunch is unique to Belmont Hill culture and allows lunch to be much more enjoyable for students. This lunch style also allows people to interact with others that they may not see at other times and give them a chance to meet new people. 

Waiter jackets at Belmont Hill have a long history and date back to the establishment of the school. These waiter jackets made a reappearance on February 16th when the waiters at the tables had to wear these traditional jackets to celebrate the centennial. These waiter jackets have been a part of the Belmont Hill community since the school hired waiters for students. However, the hired waiters were eventually substituted by student waiters during the World War II era and the need to cut costs. This waiting system has stuck around since and is one of the most recognizable things about Belmont Hill. These jackets were meant to represent the position of being a waiter and give a sense of formality to the lunch table. 

Many students thought that these jackets were a great way to celebrate Belmont Hill culture and remind the Belmont Hill community of where this school came from. These waiter jackets served as a throwback to show how this school has built itself over the years and to celebrate all aspects of Belmont Hill culture.


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