Week #12 of Summer 2018: August 21 – 27

The 2018-2019 School Year Gets Underway

As a 90+ degree heat wave descended upon Belmont Hill, so too do the school’s approximately 450 new and returning students. Eagerly completing the annual photo ID shoot, Upper Schoolers jotted down new locker combinations, paid a visit to the bookstore, and caught up with close friends and teachers. To begin the morning, however, Mr. Bradley led the year’s inaugural chapel forum, introducing new faculty and welcoming back former students. The first-year faculty includes Ms. Marge Albin, Mr. Frederick Choi, Mr. Matthew Conway, Mr. Glenn Harvey, Mr. Aziz Khan, Ms. Daphne Lyman, Ms. Kay McMahon, Mr. Brian Phinney, Ms. Hope Rupley, Ms. Sharon Wu, and Mr. Christopher Zellner. Among other pursuits, these new teachers and faculty members will be running the ILab, directing the Health and Wellness department, working in school development, teaching AP Computer Science, English, AP US History, IPS, American Government and Global Economics, and coaching Track, Tennis, Sailing, and Lacrosse.

The widespread return to campus also marks a more serious beginning to the Fall sports season. There has been a slew of Captains’ practices spread throughout the final weeks of summer break. The Cross Country team, for example, has held an impressive seven practices thus far, the most recent of which taking place this Monday (the 27th).

In other news, the Byrnes Library, a treasured study hall locale among upper schoolers, has experienced tremendous change in advance of the new academic year. To accommodate the entire Upper School student body, the lunchroom has been expanded to include an additional eight tables, four of which feature charging outlets. Blocked off from the library’s lower floor via an aesthetically pleasing glass wall, the additional tables mark just half of the lunchroom amendments. To the entire student body’s delight, Mr. Bradley announced that the renovated cafeteria will also offer full air conditioning. Marking an end to the days of sweaty, overcrowded meals, this year’s lunchroom makeover has received an auspicious welcome.

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