What BH Students are Doing with Their Extra Time

Due to the ongoing events of COVID-19, all school events are canceled, and some students find themselves with more time than typical in the months of April and May. A recent school poll showed that students had an average of 2.3 hours of free time on a typical school day before March break. This number has now skyrocketed to 5.1 hours, 120% more than before, in which eight students have 10 hours of free time. With so much more free time in student’s hands, how are they spending it? A staggering 92% of students are working out; this category is then followed up watching TV/Netflix (82.4%) and closely trailing behind is playing video games (78.4%). Another popular activity that students are currently doing in their free time is listening to music, as 69.6% of the students are doing so. Students are also taking this increment of leisure-time to read (38.4%), play musical instruments (23.2%), and do other types of art (11.2%). The extra free periods pose an opportunity to try something new as 6.4% of the students are currently taking outside online courses and doing activities that would have been harder to try without the extra time such as, recording and editing videos, cooking, etc. Being stuck at home in quarantine, we have found much more spare time.  This gives us a chance to do something productive, try new things, or simply enjoy activities we love but did not have the time to do so before. 

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