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2019-20 B-Flats Roster

This past Summer, Brother Patterson traveled through many European countries. The first country that he visited was Italy, and, in particular, he went to the cities of Milan, Venice, Tuscany, and Florence. He participated in a Gospel Choir tour called the Joyful Voices of Inspiration, a group made up of adults in the greater Boston area. Inspired by their location, the  group delivered moving renditions of the songs “Over My Head” and “I Have a Dream” in a cathedral in Florence. 


After leaving his choir tour in Italy, he took a bus trip to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. When he arrived there, he craved traditional Bulgarian food and asked his driver for recommendations. Brother Patterson would go on to fall in love with the Bulgarian specialty salad called the Shopska salad, a simple combination of fresh tomatoes, fresh cucumbers, and shredded white cow cheese.


Two days later, he decided to explore his wild side by going on a five-day motorcycle tour throughout the winding countryside. With his choir, he traveled through the city of Plovdiv and saw Roman ruins from when the country was part of Yugoslavia. For Brother Patterson, the highlight of the tour was when the motorcyclists attended a dinner at one of the tour guide’s house. There, he joined in on a Bulgarian traditional dance and ate other traditional meals. His trip ended in Croatia where he visited the cities of Split and Dubrovnik. Surrounded by a twenty-five-meter wall, Dubrovnik attracts many tourists, partly because many of the scenes in the hit show Game of Thrones were filmed there.  

With his gospel experiences from Italy, Brother P is excited to once again lead the B Flats. In the first week, Brother Patterson worked on the song “I Have a Dream” with them and helped them bring a similar groove to what his group experienced. The B Flats are pleased to announce the additions of Jacob Czarnecki ‘22, Bobby Manion ‘20, Michael Salvatore ‘22, Matt Travaglini ‘21 and Alex Atalla ‘21 to the brotherhood. Furthermore, the group plans on having a chapel with HeadmasterSchnieder in the near future, and performing at the open house and Roxbury Latin concert. In the hands of Brother Patterson, B Flats is set to have another successful year and captivate many audiences. 


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