Artist of the Issue: Daniel Slakavitz ’24

Daniel Slakavitz ’24 has put a spotlight on photography and digital music within the Belmont Hill community. A recent episode of BHTV well depicted his skills, where it put on display his passion for digital music and he talked about his connection to the art, including how he makes each soundtrack. Daniel’s passion for art will certainly last a lifetime.

From a young age, art intere​​sted Daniel. Over time, he has learned to appreciate the fine details, which are often missed within different mediums. Daniel expressed that he “learned to understand that photography is more than just sunset pictures and lifestyle pictures.” For Daniel, art is similar to sports, as it can only be truly experienced through one’s actions. Going forward, Daniel finds art open to many possible definitions; he believes that art has no boundaries, no rules, and should be anything that makes someone happy.

Daniel extends his thanks to Mr. Duarte who played a prominent role in kindling his passion for photography. He also credits his curiosity for music as the cornerstone of his digital music passion. Having taken Photo 1, Advanced Photo, and, currently, AP Photography, he also creates work in his free time outside of school. His artwork is a place for creativity and expression. Daniel adds, “There is no wrong or right answer, so I am able to freely express my feelings.”

Life changing,” was the words he used to describe his passion for the experience. He views it as an escape from reality, which allows for him to truly express himself. The Panel thanks Daniel for his impressive art work, and wishes him the best of luck in future endeavors.

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