Artist of the Issue: Owen Pickette ’18

Owen Pickette ‘18 generously took some time out of his rigorous prep for directing God of Carnage, the senior play, to talk to me.  A good friend of mine and real stand-up guy, Owen has starred in many a production in his days on the Hill, and he’ll graduate in June with 10 shows under his belt (varsity letter anyone?).  His dedication to theatrical and musical ventures can be traced back to sixth grade, when in addition to singing in Chenery Middle School’s chorus and chamber singers, he also was accepted into a regional districts choir.  He credits Megan Fitzharris, his middle school chorus teacher, for getting him interested in theater.  Calling her “the reason that he does all that he does today,” Owen recalls how she pushed him to partake in the school musical.  While he enjoys the theater experience in and of itself, he most fondly associates the theater and his choir experiences with all of the close friends he has made.  “Theater and choirs bring people with similar interests and passions together,” opines Pickette, “and I hope to continue both in the future and find more people who love the things that I do.”  His plan for a future in the arts doesn’t stop there; he strives for a career in screenwriting.  

For now, though, he reflects on his experience in the theater and as vice-president of the B-Flats at Belmont Hill.  He sees the arts as being in a slight transition period in our community, but that our grade has really planted some new seeds and has provided new ideas, whether in its production of Guys and Dolls or in its contributions to the music program.  He calls the grades below to action: “it’s time for the younger guys to step up when we graduate.”  Owen has built a wonderful foundation for the arts going forward, and the classes of ‘19, ‘20, and ‘21 would do well to build upon it.  

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