Belmont Hill Short Film Festival Includes Sports Practice and Trips to China

The Belmont Hill Short Film Festival was a major success, showing thirteen short films by mostly freshmen in the Digital Video Class.  The program was as follows; “Wrestling” By Max Peterson, “Narrated” by Tim Brown, “The Suburbs” by Jack Winston, “The Game” by Mauricio Rodriguez, “Admissions” by Dylan Brown, Brady Chitkara, Griffin Hamilton, and Jack Henehan, “My Home” by Ysael Porro, “Looped” by Dan Madden, “Hawaii” by Brady Chitkara, “Flashback” by Max Peterson, “China” by Dylan Brown, “Stranded” by Jake Pappo, Tim Brown, and Brady Chitkara, “Hockey” by Payton Privitera, and finally “BHPD” by Liam Peterson, Jake Pappo, Joe Romney, and Jack Weldon.  “Wrestling” and “Hockey” both provided film of practices here at Belmont Hill. “Wrestling” looked at a 3rd Wrestling practice, with narration by Dr. Davis. “Hockey” looked at a JV Hockey practice, with savvy editing by Payton Privitera.  “Admissions” was a funny skit that took Mr. Carr’s speech about the type of boy that represents Belmont Hill, and juxtaposed it with the laughable stereotypes of a nerd, prepster, theater kid, and an athlete.  “Hawaii” was a funny edit made of all the shenanigans that went down on the Hawaii trip led by Mr. Trautz and Mr. Leonardis over Spring Break.  “China” similarly was an edit of the China Spring Break trip, however, this film made use of quick cuts to skillfully convey the entirety of the trip to the audience.  “BHPD” was by far the highlight of the festival.  This was a seven-minute film starring Jack Weldon as a grizzled cop and Jake Pappo as a book smart rookie.  These two had incredible comedic timing and a hilarious relationship onscreen, as the cop had to “toughen up” the rookie. Overall, the Film Festival was an awesome experience and I cannot wait to go again next year.

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