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Belmont Hill’s Very Own Top Gun

On November 10, Belmont Hill had a special visitor for its annual Veterans Day assembly. Bruce Greer ‘78, a former member of the Naval Reserve Officers Corps Training (NROTC), presented his thoughts on the meaning of service. Initially, Greer talked about many of his classmates, some of whom had attended the event, and their own paths in life. Not many of them had known where they wanted to go from Belmont Hill, but Mr. Greer did. He had always aspired to be a pilot like his father and learned to fly before he knew how to drive. Afterwards, the theme song “Danger Zone” began to play, and Tom Cruise’s Top Gun filled the screen, replete with action shots of fighter jets. Greer took the opportunity to describe each and every scene in incredible detail. From the tailhooks trailing behind the F-14 fighter jets to the incredible speeds at which these planes could travel, Greer knew this movie as if he had shot it all himself. From there, he talked about his time at the Navy and Flight School in Pensacola, Florida, and the countless hours it took for him to get there. At the end of his enlightening speech, Greer said that his years of hard work were well worth the effort. In addition, he asked the audience to remember that freedom comes with a price. Belmont Hill will look upon this speech fondly in the years ahead, and students are grateful that Greer was able to spend his time with them.

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