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Debate of the Issue: Burrito

In this fast-paced world, who has time for a sit-down meal?

The burrito is the clear winner in this contest of Mexican eats.  In terms of bang for your buck, it is by far the leader.  At Chipotle, both the burrito and the bowl are $6.80, a fair price.  But they differ in that the Burrito possesses the superior 900 calories, while the Bowl comes in at a pitiful 600.  Perfect for a post-workout lunch or dinner, or a messy date night, the burrito packs the biggest punch if you’re looking for a filling meal.  The burrito is also extremely practical and portable; you can eat it with one hand while multitasking or driving. Try eating a Bowl while driving, you’ll end up with food all over your dashboard and lap.  The bowl requires your full attention and utensils.  In this fast-paced world, who has time for a sit-down meal?

Other than being more practical and valuable, the burrito is the classic experience.  Some people say eating a burrito is too messy, too unrefined; to those people, I say shame!  The messier the better, I say.  Eating a burrito should be a visceral, uncivilized experience.  Taking that first bite should be an adventure: the mixture of juicy meat, smooth guacamole, zesty white rice, and bursting overtones of salsa all coming together in a symphony of flavors.  And the tortilla!  Wrapping all that deliciousness in a soft, warm layer of love, hiding the delicious ingredients of each bite in its tender embrace.  The burrito is truly a magical beast.  In comparison, the bowl takes that beast and eviscerates it, leaving the innards out naked in the open for all to see.  Anyone who chooses bowl over burrito is a sociopath and doesn’t understand the fundamental purpose of this heavenly meal.  It’s not what you want, it’s what you need.  Anyone who gets a bowl is lying to themselves about what they want and needs to reevaluate their priorities in life. Do you want the lame substitute?  Or do you want the real deal?

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