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Departing Faculty: Mr. Rohrer

Mr. Rohrer, a 2016 Belmont Hill graduate, will be leaving Belmont Hill after two years of teaching. After graduating from high school, he attended Middlebury College, where he got a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and Environmental Science and minored in global health. Remaining active in various environmental groups, Mr. Rohrer showed interest in science and the environment throughout his college years.

After Middlebury, Mr. Grant reached out to him and a few of his friends in the summer of 2020, looking for teachers for the upcoming hybrid school year. Excited by the prospects of having an in-person job right out of college, Mr. Rohrer accepted the job offer and joined a few friends, such as Mr. DiCaprio, Mr. Armstrong, and Mr. Afeyan, back at Belmont Hill. During his two years as a teacher, he has taught, coached, and led trips consisting of students from every grade. As a math teacher, he has an Algebra 1 class, an Algebra 2 class, and an AP Environmental Science class. Mr. Rohrer also coached Varsity Alpine Skiing and Middle School Cross Country. Besides teaching and coaching, he has also advised Form II students, led the Washington DC trip, and led a trip to Grand Canyon and Bryce National Park. In each of these areas, he has interacted with a student from each grade, a privilege which Mr. Rohrer cherishes.

As a Belmont Hill student and teacher, his favorite part is the friendships, especially those that have carried over as a teacher. However, he has enjoyed “being on the other side of the curtain” and developing faculty friendships from teaching. Throughout his eight years, he admires how the school “has changed and continues to improve itself to be more inclusive” while holding on to what he loves. Next year, Mr. Rohrer looks to pursue his interest in Biology and Environmental Science through a biotech job in the Cambridge-Boston area. He wants to focus on using these technologies to find environmentally-friendly solutions for sustainable agriculture. Within the next few years, Mr. Rohrer wants to go back to school to get a Master’s Degree in micro and molecular biology, two subjects that he did not get to explore in college. As he looks toward pursuing a career in science, Mr. Rohrer won’t put teaching out of the picture in the long term. The Panel thanks Mr. Rohrer for contributions the last two years and wishes him the best at his next job. 

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