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Departing Faculty: Mrs. Bobo

A valuable and invested member of the Belmont Hill community, Mrs. Bobo will be leaving at the end of the year. Mrs. Bobo has held a wide range of positions at Belmont Hill including the Director of College Counseling, Head Form VI Advisor, teacher of a senior inquiry course, and Co-Director of the Senior Project program. When asked what she would miss the most, Mrs. Bobo replied, “I will miss my college counseling team of Mr. Coppedge, Mr. Doar, and Ms. Patton. It has been such a pleasure – and serious fun – to work with that amazing group of dedicated and wonderful human beings over these past years. I will miss our constant daily banter, but they all know that they’re not getting rid of me that easily and I expect we will always be friends.”

As both a Belmont Hill faculty member and a Belmont Hill parent, Mrs. Bobo has had a unique experience. When asked what it is like working at the same school her kids went to, she replied, “I love being part of their natural environment, and I love that our conversations at dinner are always about the funny stories involving people in the world that we share. I’m sure that me being here has been a little too close for comfort at times, but I feel so fortunate to have been able to watch them grow and learn at a school that all three of them loved so much. “

As Director of College Counseling, Mrs. Bobo has had a monumental impact on all seniors and their futures. When asked about rewarding aspects of her job, she answered, “The best part of my job is helping boys pivot from feelings of anxiousness and uncertainty about the college process to a more empowered sense of their own agency. When kids see how they can use strategy to maximize their candidacies at many different types of schools, it makes me feel like I’m really helping.”

Mrs. Bobo plans to move to Dexter, where she will take a role in the overall planning of Dexter. “It’s a much wider scope than my current position…I have only worked at three schools in my career; three schools I have loved very deeply, so hopefully my work at Dexter will be a continuation of that experience.”

As Mrs. Bobo moves on from Belmont Hill, she is sad to leave “the Form IV and V students that I’ve just started working with.” However, most of all, Mrs. Bobo will miss being part of the faculty community as her son, Mac Bobo ‘23, graduates next year. 

Mrs. Bobo wishes to leave a lasting legacy at Belmont Hill: “What I want people to know and remember, is how much I love this school and how invested I was in the work that I did. If I am remembered as a professional who cared deeply about the students and her colleagues, then that’s the best legacy I can hope for!”

The Panel wishes Mrs. Bobo luck in her future endeavors at Dexter and beyond and hopes to see her back on campus in the future. 


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