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Departing Faculty: Mrs. David

For more than four decades, Mrs. David has served as an important figure in the Belmont Hill community, and she has had an immense impact on not just the well-being of students on campus but also those in need. Having served as a significant contributor in the Belmont Hill Health Office, Mrs. David has helped drive the school’s medical agenda, going from working part-time to becoming a leading presence in the school’s COVID response. However, her contributions to the school extend much beyond the medical field, having organized some of Belmont Hill’s most memorable community service events, including the Turkey Drive, alongside Mr. Trautz, the Blood Drive, and the annual Community Service trip.

Though we now recognize Mrs. David as a pillar of the Belmont Hill Community, her early experience at Belmont Hill was hard. When Mrs. David first arrived at Belmont Hill, she felt isolated and did not know many other community members: “When I first got here, I was shown to my office and told ‘bandaids are in those cabinets.’ I didn’t know anyone or the names of the buildings!” 

As Mrs. David became more familiar with the community around her, she forged connections that would last for the remainder of her Belmont Hill journey and has served as a spectacular nurse whose first concern was always the students’ well-being. Even as Belmont Hill returned after the Covid pandemic, Mrs. David was at the forefront of the effort to maintain the community’s safety, with students, faculty, and staff often finding her at the desk in front of the covid testing area in the squash courts.

Beyond her role as a nurse for the community, Mrs. David has also enjoyed making enormous steps as a leader of community service in the community. The now well-known Turkey Drive in which the Form III students participate every year was once just an idea brought by Mr. Trautz from Maine. Once Mr. Trautz spoke to Mrs. David, the project took off with the pre-covid total being 725 complete turkey dinners in a year!

As Mrs. David looks toward her future, she hopes to make the most of every day and to live her life to the fullest. She hopes to take advantage of her newfound time by traveling, specifically cruising. When asked about her views on retirement, Mrs. David mentioned, “​​I want to just live each day fully, seeing retirement as a blank canvas that is yet to be painted.” Mrs. David says that she leaves with her head held high, and for a good reason. Her impact on the Belmont Hill community is undoubtedly visible throughout students’ daily lives, and her optimism and positivity are truly inspiring. Her parting words are that of a Kenny Rogers’ song: “‘As Kenny Rogers says in his song: you got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold them, know when to walk away, know when to run’ – It’s my time.” We thank Mrs. David for her tremendous contributions to Belmont Hill and wish her well in her future endeavors.

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