DOTI: Who Would Win: Dr. Davis or Mr. Leo?

Who would win in a hand to hand fight between Dr. Davis and Mr. Leo? It may seem like a tough question, but it is quite the contrary. I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Davis, and he provided me with some evidence as to why he would emerge victorious. For those who don’t know him yet, Dr. Davis is a Latin and Greek teacher as well as a fourth football and Varsity wrestling coach. He is also known for his extensive adventures and impressive classroom armory. 

Dr. Davis brings many skills to the table that would solidify his chance in this contest. First of all, due to his classical background, he has “deep understanding of strategy and tactics derived from life long study of ancient literature.” While these styles of combat wouldn’t be as practical in modern warfare, they still could prove handy in smaller, pre-gunpowder engagements, where the result comes down to each man’s mind and body. In addition to being a venerable wrestler, he is proficient in Aikido, a Japanese martial art that is similar to Judo. The method is inherently defensive and he may be able to utilize this along with certain tactics. Finally, and I believe most importantly, he is equipped with a bionic hip, making him part cyborg. What could be better than that? One wrong punch and Mr. Leo’s hand is broken. 

His plan for the matchup is circumventive: he is going to utilize the ancient Fabian tactics “given the likelihood of defeat in a full frontal assault” from Mr. Leo. Dr. Davis would wear him out by delay and evasion rather than direct confrontation. While in Peru, doing who knows what, Dr. Davis learned an important lesson of avoiding conflict, as “some people can be surprising with what they know” and so he doesn’t want to take any chances. He recognizes that Mr. Leo is a force to be reckoned with and is in “freakishly good shape,” and so an edge would be mental attrition and subterfuge. 

Finally, we allowed each fighter to have one weapon of choice from the pre-gunpowder era. Dr. Davis chose the sling, saying that it would best support his Fabian strategy. Like David against Goliath, it would negate the physical inequality while still being “super accurate, super destructive, with a good range.” I think that with this weapon, along with his elusive strategy and physical ability, Dr. Davis would be able to win this fight.


The age old question of who would win in a fight, Dr. Davis or Mr. Leo has drawn the intrigue of many. However, it is pretty clear who would win; Mr. Leo is a former D1 wrestler who still runs nearly every day. There are stories that Mr. Leo has stopped class, gotten up on the table, and done 200 push-ups just for the fun of it…in a blazer. 

While both teachers also coach wrestling and are extremely experienced, Mr. Leo expresses confidence that, “I would score more points in a wrestling match.” In a civilized and orderly match, there is no doubt that Mr. Leo would win. Mr. Leo is stronger, more experienced, and better versed in combat, however he still thinks that Dr. Davis has the advantage because, “I think he will fight dirty, so I will give him the advantage.” 

When asked how he would win a fight like this Mr. Leo said that it would be very easy, he “will kick him in his artificial hip replacement.” Dr. Davis’ Achilles Heel is his hip, and Mr. Leo will exploit that in order to take him down. So, with a clear weakness and Mr. Leo being stronger and faster it is clear that he would win in both a fight or a wrestling match. Overall, Mr. Leo is bigger, stronger, faster, and more elusive than Dr. Davis, there is no way that he would ever lose in the heat of battle. Mr. Leo does not need a weapon to take down Dr. Davis and he welcomes the challenge against the sling. 


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