Frisbee Golf: A Novel Addition to Belmont Hill

If you have spent any time at Belmont Hill recently, you will have noticed a novel addition to the campus: a frisbee golf course. The idea for the creation of the course came from the school senate, specifically Daniel Drucker, Adam Figler, John Goguen, and Luke Carroll. When brainstorming ideas to enable advisory groups or whole forms to spend some time together outside, these four latched upon disc golf as the answer.

Frisbee golf is an incredibly apt answer to this question for a few reasons: it’s easy to pick up if you’ve never played before, you can prevent the spread of COVID while still playing as a team, and there is no maintenance involved in keeping up the equipment. The senate called upon Mrs. Rupley and Mrs. Schmunk to help them set up the course after purchasing the equipment. When asked what that process was like, Mrs. Rupley replied, “Mrs. Schmunk and I had no previous experience with disc golf so we called on her neighbor who played ultimate (frisbee) at Brown- to come out to campus to help us set up the course. He and his former teammate came to campus twice to map out and set-up the course. It was incredibly helpful.”

So far, disc golf has been an incredible success in terms of bringing people together on campus. Form VI had a whole class day playing through the course, and many solo advisories have gone out there as well. If your advisory hasn’t gotten to it yet, I strongly suggest that you get out there before it is too cold. Even after the pandemic, the disc golf course will prove to be a good addition to the campus for future members of our community.

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