Luke Trevisan ’24 Completes Mostly to Scale Model of BH Campus

Over the past year, Luke Trevisan ’24 has been working on completing a complete 3D model of our campus. Using the 3D printer and other model-making techniques, he carefully and meticulously crafted an almost perfect to scale model. When asked about his motivation, Luke said, “I distinctly remember a late night in the summer of 2021, and right as I was about to fall asleep, I came up with the idea to build a model of campus. I had no idea as to how I would do it, but I knew that it was something I wanted to look into. Additionally, I felt like I could fit a project like that into my schedule for the upcoming year. I contacted Dr. Goldberg, who at the time was in charge of independent studies, I believe, and he connected me with Mr. Ziff, who would help with the 3D printing aspect.” 

Luke first had to take detailed pictures and videos, for which he had the help of Chris Bruise ’23 for the model. Then by trial and error, Luke was able to find the correct scale and began to piece together his build. He continued working on it on his own time; he managed to find solutions for trees and even to differentiate between grass and turf. Finally, with all his pieces in place, he noted that “It was cool to see the final coming together of all the pieces that I had worked on individually for the past year.” 

The Panel congratulates Luke on his hard work and dedication. His project can be seen outside the Form II study hall on the upper level of the Melvoin Academic Center. 

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