Mr. Gilmore Joins Belmont Hill as a Teaching Fellow

In a fall full of new faculty, Mr. Gilmore joins the History Department as a teaching fellow and coach. He will be teaching U.S. History and Form II Government as well as serving as an assistant coach for the Varsity Football and Track teams. Mr. Gilmore graduated from Harvard College in 2019 with a BA in Sociology and a minor in African American studies and worked as a teacher over the summer.  

Mr. Gilmore attended Milton Academy where he was the captain of the Varsity Football and Track teams, Boarding Monitor, and editor for the school newspaper. While he enjoyed each of these roles, his most memorable high school experience was a Senior Improv Comedy course he took. During the winter, the whole school community gathers for an Improv night where the seniors in the class perform. He has taken this experience to his classroom to Belmont Hill, recently introducing ‘warm-up’ Improv games to his US History class. 

Coming to Belmont Hill from Milton, Mr. Gilmore says he is excited to see what the school is like “from the inside.” He is eager to build relationships with the faculty at Belmont Hill. He says that there are so much faculty experience and ability present and that he cannot wait to learn from them. 

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