Music Students Showcase Their Skills at Final Recitals

Throughout the year, students have been taking part in private lessons at school with professional music instructors, learning and improving their respective skills in various instruments and singing. In early May this year, studio recitals were held by private lesson students at Belmont Hill to demonstrate their enjoyment and appreciation for music in the Prenatt Music Building. Saxophone students of Mr. Kenji Kikuchi, voice and singing students of Ms. Maria Jane Loizo, and guitar students of Mr. Matthew Wright performed their respective pieces that they have been working on throughout the school year. Piano students of Mr. Dan Loschen, trumpet students of Mr. Kevin Tracy, percussion students of Mr. Patrick Gaulin, guitar students of Mr. Manny Pettine, and violin students of Ms. Paola Caballero played their respective repertoire. It was an evening filled with great music in the music building to celebrate and acknowledge students’ hard work with their private lesson teachers throughout the year. It was definitely a fun and entertaining event for the audience, which included parents of the musicians, teachers and faculty, Mr. Fiori, and Mr. Patterson, to enjoy the various forms of music that was played by every student in both recitals in the music building. The Panel congratulates all private lesson teachers who helped the students work on their pieces throughout the spring, and  acknowledges a fantastic job by all musical performers in the two recitals those evenings for the audience to enjoy.

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