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New Faculty Member: Mr. Tiberi

As a Las Vegas native, one might think a respite from the neon lights and electric theater district would be a welcome aberration. Yet, Mr. Tiberi describes his suburban hometown as removed from the Strip: “I grew up in a custom home my parents built back in the day.” He explored and camped in the desert not far from his house, but only visited the Strip when his grandparents took him to shows. In fact, he cannot remember the last time his parents visited the Strip.

After graduating from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, with both a major in Secondary Education in Mathematics and a passion for guitar and bass composing and performance, he began attending classes for a Masters degree in 2014 through the Harvard Extension School. This past summer he began working this past summer in Boston for the Harvard CS50 Staff, an introductory course that teaches students the principles of computer science . There, Mr. Tiberi helped develop material for the program, guides for teachers, and most recently, a nationwide quiz for CS50 Puzzle Day. While at Harvard Mr. Tiberi heard about the Belmont Hill School as the result of an announcement Mr. Courtney made to staff regarding an opening. That announcement prompted a professor to encourage Mr. Tiberi to apply for the position.

When encountering Mr. Tiberi on campus, you may notice his polished sense of style. When asked about it, he explained growing up, he always felt challenged by dress code boundaries. He found these restrictions pretentious and bothersome. However, nothing much came of it until Mr. Tiberi was elected to his college Senate, a position that required him to dress for success. He continued: “Initially, it was difficult for me due to some residual teenage angst about wearing a monkey suit. However, it occurred to me that I could follow the dress code while making it my own. A lot of people don’t do this and play it safe, but I found that through this I could feel myself in a suit and pave my own way. It’s borderline Yogi Berra, but people notice it when you stand out. I think my style, as you call it, is a metaphor for my outlook on life. We have rules and realities that confine us, but it’s how we use the wiggle room to let the world know we exist that defines us.”

Mr. Tiberi became a full-time Massachusetts resident this past June after teaching Algebra II Honors and AP Computer Science Principles in the Las Vegas, NV Clark County School District since 2014. At Belmont Hill, Mr. Tiberi looks forward to developing the school’s Computer Science program. He feels his new community is incredibly supportive and is excited about the chance to develop a more visible CS community. Sharing his thoughts on the Belmont Hill community, Tiberi most admires the students’ recognition of the opportunities and rich resources available to them.

If you are interested in learning more about Mr. Tiberi’s fascinating life or the up and coming Computer Science program at Belmont Hill, be sure to drop by his office in the science building or our iLab in the Melvoin Academic Center. Maybe, he might even be persuaded to make a musical debut at one of our Coffee Houses!

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