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New Faculty: Mr. Speer

Mr. Speer graduated from Williams College in 2013 with a double major in Math and music. Previously, he worked at the Cranbrook School in Michigan, a private partial boarding school. He taught there for several years while his wife was completing her Ph.D. at the University of Michigan. Having taught at Deerfield for four years and a one-year stint as a teaching fellow at Andover, Mr. Speer was familiar with Belmont Hill. When moving back to New England, he was looking for a school that was, “academically rigorous and close-knit, so when I was looking for jobs, I wanted a smaller school, a better sense of community.” After his interview, Mr. Speer found that Belmont Hill met those expectations and decided to join the community. Already Mr. Speer has noticed that “students have immense pride in their work, sports, and activities.”

Mr. Speer will be teaching three sections of Calc-AB and one section of Advanced Pre-Calculus; he will also be involved with Math Counts and other math competitions at Belmont Hill. While not currently coaching, Mr. Speer is excited to coach third-squash in the winter and be Belmont Hill’s new varsity tennis coach. Having played club tennis in college, Mr. Speer is “excited to finally get into coaching”, having not had the opportunity to do so at his previous jobs. 

Mr. Speer hopes to add to the community as best he can both in the classroom and on the tennis court. Mr. Speer is excited to, “get to know my math colleagues better… and I am looking forward to getting back to doing the sports I love and also, getting to know students in a different context”. 


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