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New Faculty: Ms. Wallace

Ms. Wallace joins Belmont Hill this year after teaching at the Community Charter School in Cambridge, where she taught English and was in charge of redesigning the AP English curriculum. Through high school, she raced, making her a great Alpine Ski coach this winter. Ms. Wallace learned about Belmont Hill from alums that went to Harvard with her. One of these friends even wore a coat and tie to every exam he had because he was used to it from Belmont Hill and it made him feel more confident. 

At Belmont Hill, Ms. Wallace teaches Form III and IV English and is a 3rd Form Advisor. She is also coaching 3B soccer with Mr. Leo this Fall. Two fun facts about Ms. Wallace is that she bikes to school everyday from Somerville, and she once read 56 books in a single year. 


We are excited to have Ms. Wallace join us in our Belmont Hill community this year. 

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