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Panel Volume 71 Staff

The Panel Volume 71 welcomes you to our first issue! Next year will be a momentous year for The Panel and Belmont Hill. With the school celebrating its Centennial, we will be busy with helping the school look back through its history in addition to providing students with current news at BH. The Panel hopes to take part in the schools celebration, going through previous publications and exploring the school’s archives. Leading the efforts for these endeavors is the expanded “Trifecta.” Traditionally led by three students, this year’s volume is headed by two Editor-in-Chiefs, Mac Bobo ’23 and David Cho ’23, along with two Executive Editors, Alex Lo ’23 and Cooper Nelson ’23. The executive staff, with an additional member, hopes to undertake these great endeavors during Belmont Hill’s one hundredth year. 

The Panel is excited to expand its digital media. Under the leadership of the Digital Media Editor, Andrew, Bittner ’24, The Panel hopes to expand its following and presence on social media. We hope to make The Panel’s Instagram a community hub, from which students can learn more about happenings around campus, Varsity results, and other news. Be on the lookout for news and giveaways related to the Panel’s social media accounts in the coming weeks. In addition, The Panel is excited to introduce its podcast, hosted by Jack Shah ’23, Cam Connell ’23, and Chris Milmoe ’23. These three will explore topics within our school community as well as larger national issues in a concise and entertaining format. 

The 2022-23 school year will present an extraordinary opportunity for The Panel, along with the school, to reflect their history. As the school’s official student newspaper of Belmont Hill, The Panel Volume 71 hopes to serve as a lens to Belmont Hill’s past, provide current news, and look forward to the future.

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