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Russo-Ukranian War

On February 24, 2022, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Since then, the Ukrainians have lived in continuous fear and terror as Russian soldiers attack civilians and Ukrainian cities mercilessly. Additionally, more than five million people have fled from Ukraine, seeking refuge in neighboring countries, under the protection of NATO and its forces. The US has not been directly involved militarily against Russia, since it does not want to escalate this into a war of major powers. Instead it has implemented sanctions on Russia’s economy. The US hopes that through these sanctions, it can force Russia to back down on its invasion of Ukraine and hopefully stop it completely.

In addition to the sanctions, the US has sent money, weapons, and ammunition to Ukraine to support them in this war. So far, the US has sent several billion dollars in aid to Ukraine; however, still many people are suffering and are in dire need of necessities. This war is alarming for the Ukrainian people and for the political world moving forward. The Russo-Ukrainian war has escalated the already high tensions between America and Russia. Furthermore, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine may make those countries surrounding Ukraine, such as Poland, a member of NATO, feel insecure, forcing them to tighten their border controls and raise their military in fear of Russia.

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