Student Art Shines in First Semester Show

At the tail end of the first semester, the Belmont Hill community gathered in the Chapel to celebrate the achievements of students who participated in fall-semester art classes. The yearly tradition includes recognition of exceptional work. Pieces are awarded through a conversation among the Robsham faculty to determine the top three collections among each class. Including pottery, woodworking, drawing, digital video, photography, and more, the arts building is a place where each student can explore, experiment with new and familiar mediums of art, and express themselves creatively.

In Photography, Johannes Eikeboom ’27 placed third, William Sandor ’27 placed second, and Liam MacLean ’27 placed first with his monochromatic photo of a spilled cup on a table. In Advanced Photography, Eli Warn ’26 placed third, Billy Cashel ’26 placed second, and JJ Pena’s photo of the Parisian skyline earned him first place. In Digital Video, Henry Vivas ’27 placed first, followed by Dean Lundquist ’27 and Jack Hurley ’27. Ceramics featured green vases painted with flowers created by Morgan Rich ’27, breakfast foods by Leo Nuremberg ’27, and puzzle piece pots and containers by Ty Jarvis ’27, earning these boys third, second, and first, respectively. Chase Kaufman ’27, Ryan Chang-Wu ’27, and Declan Curtin ’27’s intricate woodworking box designs and their execution placed their pieces first, second, and third place. In Advanced Ceramics and Woodworking, all the boys performed impressively and were recognized for their contributions to creative exploration at Belmont Hill.

The impressive work has once again impressed the Belmont Hill as a whole, and it is clear that as Mr. Duarte passionately stated, “Arts are unique. They’re a unique way to develop how boys think critically and creatively, and are an essential part of our school community.”

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