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Thanking the Volume 70 Staff

The Panel Volume 71 thanks the graduating senior staff for all their hard work. We are grateful for the dedication and level of excellence that you committed to The Panel. Through your devotion, you helped to provide all the aspects of the school to the Belmont Hill community. Through your perseverance, you helped lead The Panel through the pandemic, transitioning back into in-person meetings and paper publications. 

This year’s Trifecta continued the tradition of the excellent leadership of The Panel. Mr. Hegarty and Ms. Zener appreciate all the work they put into publishing the issues throughout the year.

Luke Hogan and Howard Huang led The Panel as the Editors-In-Chief, and Arec Keomurjian served as the Executive Editor. With their diligence and organizational skills, they helped to coordinate article assignments and layouts. Luke Hogan helped to expand The Panel’s digital media. With his exceptional InDesign skills, Howard brought the entire newspaper together, compiling all the articles, photos, and artworks into one work. With his excellent writing skills, Arec helped to ensure the highest quality of articles through his editing. 

Daniel Bittner served as Sports Section Editor. With his leadership, Daniel helped to highlight Belmont Hill athletes through the Athlete of the Issues and to update everyone on the school’s athletic achievements throughout the year. Serving as the Sports Section Editor for two years, Daniel brought a lot of experience to The Panel.

Daniel Rashes led the Arts Section, providing entertaining movie reviews, recapping Belmont Hill’s musical and theater performances, and featuring artists with the Artist of the Issues. Daniel also wrote articles in the News Section, informing readers about school events through his engaging writing.

Kevin Jiang created vibrant graphics, filling The Panel with beautiful artwork. He helped to complement articles with informative and stunning visuals. As the Graphics Editor, he led the graphical efforts in The Panel

Drew Dummer and Alex Sousa were the Photo Editors. They helped provide photos to accompany articles, narrating the stories in The Panel through their photos. Their excellent photography skills made The Panel more beautiful, filling it with stunning photos. 

Igaju Agba, Jarret Chen, Kailen Richards, Timo Simonin, Lawrence Tang, and Luke Wagner worked as staff artists and writers. They helped drive The Panel with their articles, photos, and illustrations. In addition to their roles as staff writers, Kailen and Luke worked on the Playlist of the Issues, sharing great music with the whole community. 

Thanks for all your hard work for The Panel, and have a great time in college!

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