The Panel of the Panel – Teacher Collins and the Church

In June of 1993, a panel depicting Boston’s skyline, the phrase, “Let Us Go Up”  and a church steeple prominently placed in the center of the panel was unveiled. Who knew twenty-three years later, a panel article would be written with this graduate as its subject. This was certainly not on Caleb Collins’ mind. Known to us students as Mr. Collins, he lifted the logo off his congregation’s letterhead in an attempt to complete one of his last requirements for graduation. Today, however, Mr. Collins reflects that it was the right choice for his panel subject as he has fond memories of being at that church throughout high school. The phrase etched in the center of the panel serves no real significance to Mr. Collins other than the comparison of himself and peers moving into the real world.

After graduating from high school, Mr. Collins went on to attend Tuskegee University. In 1998, he accepted a position with Evergreen Investments as a fund analyst in the Boston office. Coincidentally, Evergreen’s offices were located in the old John Hancock building which had also been showcased as the centerpiece in his panel.

In June of 2002, after four years with Evergreen, Mr. Collins, a mathematics major with a desire to teach, took a position in the math department at his alma mater, the Belmont Hill School. It took no time for Mr. Collins to re-acclimate to the school’s dress code, routine, and traditions in a role of authority. At present, Mr. Collins teaches mathematics and serves as Director of Community and Diversity. You may find Mr. Collin’s panel outside of Mr. Kaplan’s workshop, and be sure to compliment him on his work.

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