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Welcome to The Panel Online!

Welcome to The Panel Online, the official website for Belmont Hill’s Student Publication!

In an age where more people read the newspaper online than in print, The Panel has decided to modernize and improve its online profile, and we are proud to introduce The Panel Online. Designed by Arnav Prasad ‘18 and Ishaan Prasad ‘18. The new website will provide students, faculty, alumni, and other members of the Belmont Hill community the ability to read The Panel from anywhere in the world on any device at bhpanel.org.

When asked about the website, Ishaan Prasad said:

“After attending Columbia’s Annual Journalism Program this fall with the Panel Staff, we saw a ton of newspapers that all had a great online presence. Looking at other publications, including the Harvard Crimson and Phillips Exeter’s Exonian, we decided that it was time that The Panel got an online update as well!”

The website can be updated at any time and will feature content from the print issue, as well as online-only content. With space for all six “print” categories, and a newly-designed weather section and staff portal, The Panel Online hopes to provide a space for Panel Staff and the Belmont Hill Community alike.

Arnav Prasad said:

“The Website took a lot of planning and hard work, but I think it is a really important feature that the Panel should have in the future.”

The Panel website reveals a new age in news publishing as more and more people abandon printed publishing in favor of their online counterparts. With user accounts for every member of The Panel, staff writers and editors can easily edit and layout articles online. The Panel Online will revolutionize the publication and we can’t wait to see what’s next for The Panel.


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