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School President Shane Rockett ’19 Speaks In Chapel

Last Friday morning, school president Shane Rockett ‘19 spoke for the first time in chapel.  Afte...

Dr. Wachtmeister Retires

It is with a heavy heart that at the conclusion of this school year we say goodbye to a staple of th...

William McCormack ’18 Elected School President

Earlier in April, William McCormack ‘18 was elected by his peers in the Fifth Form to serve as Sch...

In Opposition to Anti-Trump Protests

Following Donald Trump’s election to the presidency on November 8th, protests broke out in several...

Belmont Hill’s Technology Restrictions

Richie Kendall and Charlie Donahue As you probably noticed, Belmont Hill has made serious changes ...

Clinton and the African-American Vote

While campaigning for Hillary in Philadelphia, Bill Clinton got into a vehement altercation with Bla...