Belmont Hill Celebrates Artists with Performing Arts Chapel

Early on a Friday this November, Belmont Hill convened in the Hamilton Chapel for a forty minute block, where the Fall music clubs and classes had a chance to exhibit their work over the season. First, the Orchestra, led by Brian Lee ’24, began the chapel with a fantastic performance. They played the song “Get Back” by John Lennon and & Paul McCartney. Next, the Jazz band quickly got on stage and followed with an equally impressive rendition of “Chameleon” by Harvey Mason, Benny Maupin, Paul Jackson, and Herbie Hancock and “Stolen Moments” by Oliver Nelson. The songs included solos by Jai Somani ‘26 and Davi Ribeiro ’23, and more and included guests Daniel Xie ’24 on the saxophone and Alex Behn ’24 playing the trombone. These performances were extraordinarily well received by the audience, and the pieces were played masterfully.

After the Jazz Band’s performance, the middle school Glee club, composed of 7th and 8th grade students, gave an incredible performance to start off the singing portion of the Performing Arts Chapel. Their riveting performance was inspiring to many and truly represented the hard work and dedication they exemplified leading up to their performance. They sang one song and provided the perfect segway into the B-Flats performance by singing together as a group. After their combined performance, the B-Flats performed a multitude of songs, featuring “Fill Me Up, Buttercup” and “Hey Jude” by the Beatles, captivating the entire audience. This song featured solos by Dave Lograsso ’23 and Leo Montoya ’23 and was aided by a combined singing and piano performance by Will Kelly ’23. Their performance left the whole audience satisfied and was an incredible finish to the musical performances of the Performing Arts Chapel.

Finally, the Acting Elective class of Form III students ran onto the stage with Mr. DiResta, where they played the fan-favorite game “Dinner Party.” After sending the host outside, they crowdsourced quirks from the audience, including a love of Cheesecake, an obsession with baseball cards, and more. The game garnered many laughs and was an impressive improv performance by the group.

The Performing Arts Chapel was an impressive showcase of the opportunities offered at Belmont Hill and the talent that our fellow students and classmates have. It was a wonderful event and a fantastic way to entertain the school.

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