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Debate of the Issue: Ma Magoo’s

If you’ve been attending Belmont Hill for more than a year now, you probably know about D’Agastino’s and Ma Magoo’s. For those who don’t, D’Ag’s and Ma Ma’s are the preeminent sandwich shops near Belmont Hill and are widely enjoyed by Belmont Hill students.  Which is better, however, is a question for the ages, hotly contested and divisive. Personally, I think the answer is clear: Ma Ma’s is by far and away superior to D’Ag’s. Its tastier and more filling sandwiches and scenic location both tip the scales drastically in its favor.

While the sandwiches of D’Agastino’s are adequate lunch options, they are far outranked by those at Ma Magoo’s. Ma Ma’s huge subs burst with meat and drip with rich sauce. The meager D’ag’s subs, in comparison, can be polished off by the most voracious Belmont Hill eater in a matter of minutes, leaving much to be desired in both flavor and size. As put so eloquently by Mitch Tor ‘19, “ D’Ag’s is a convenience, Ma Ma’s is a luxury.”

For some, a detractor from Ma Magoo’s is definitely location. Situated in Cambridge, the commute to Ma Ma’s is far longer than that to D’Ag’s. What the location lacks in accessibility, however, it makes up tenfold in scenery. Neighbored by the glistening waterfront of Fresh Pond, Ma Ma’s for any special occasion, from picnics to first dates. The proximity to wildlife and nature provides a truly magical experience for customers.

Ultimately, Ma Ma’s represents the pinnacle of sandwich shop dining, whereas D’Ag’s barely improves upon school lunch. Ma Ma’s checks all the important boxes, making it more than just a sandwich, but truly a culinary experience.

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