SAFE Strives for Equality with Annual Dance

As students who actively foster equality, we strive to combat ignorance by encouraging students to speak up about the injustices they see, rather than sweep them under the rug. A common level of understanding can be reached through conversations that are relevant, productive, and inclusive. We know that diversity is not just about race, but more about uniqueness, individuality, and what makes us different from one another. Perspective matters. In S.A.F.E., rather than judge one another, we open our ears and eyes and take the time to listen to what is being said in order to think about something in a new light. Our meetings are truly safe spaces where everyone is encouraged to speak because they know the rest of their peers are both receptive and respectful to ideas that may not be there own. We embrace our differences and learn to accept and respect them. Our students are active, and our club is not limited to merely weekly group discussions—we regularly partner with our sister program, NCDS’s PRISM, bring in speakers such as police officers when we talk about police brutality, attend conferences such as SDLC and AISNE, host the annual S.A.F.E. Dance, and run Diversity Day at Belmont Hill. We provide students with knowledge and information that regular classes often fail to provide. Woke students make better citizens, and we know that.

“Stay Lit, Stay S.A.F.E, Stay Woke” – James Cardichon

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